Our projects


 The Fondation Eduki is a non-profit organization actively engaged in the promotion of International Geneva amongst youth.

Greycells is collaborating  mainly in two of Eduki's projects : #KidsWannaKnow  and its yearly competition on topics related to SDG’s (Concours EDUKI)


This activity offers students the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of reporters and to interview experts in international cooperation: they conduct an interview with an expert, assisted by a UN cameraman.

 Concours EDUKI

The competition is open to all schools in Switzerland, for students aged between 10 and 19 years old. The cooperation of Greycells takes three forms, first it contributed to the content of the information file on the SDGs prepared for the schools; second it provides support to teachers and/or students who are participating in the competition and wish to develop a project; third Greycells members will be invited to contribute to any workshops organized for those involved in this competition.

 Concours 2016-2017

The “World of Chiotte”s project was the Winner of the 1st prize of the 2016 competition for the category concrete projects, 16-19 years. It was submitted by Classes 2MP01 and 2MP02 of the Aimee-Stitelmann School of Commerce in Geneva. Greycells provided support via interviews, presentations and general advice for the exposition at the Palais des Nations.

Concours EDUKI 2017-2018

Greycells made a significant contribution to the 2017-2018 Eduki Competition which has as its theme: “Why School?”. Greycells contributed substantially to making the competition material and information available in schools all over Switzerland and in particular, thanks to Manuela Tortora, our Vice-President, on the occasion of the Training Day for Teachers on Education for Sustainable Development that took place in Locarno on October 2017.

Greycells contributed to the drafting and the translation into German and Italian of the main document of the competition, as well as other materials translated into Italian. On 20 April, Ms Maria Sabina Yeterian-Parisi, member of Greycells, and Manuela Tortora took a class with two Italian-speaking school groups on a morning walk around the Place des Nations to explain the objectives of the United Nations, the SDGs, and who is doing what in each of the UN buildings.

Greycells was also requested to be part of the Jury to award prizes on the “Concrete Action” section of the competition, which included a selection of around 50 projects submitted by schools all over Switzerland. Greycells participated in the award ceremony that took place at the Palais des Nations on April 20th, 2018.