Our projects


NORLHA ( NORLHA is a non-profit Swiss NGO devoted to providing development assistance in Tibetan areas of Nepal, Bhutan and China, in close cooperation with local partners, mainly based in Katmandu. One member of Greycells has been providing coaching and advice in the areas of human resources and management. A new, wider form of assistance is now being initiated: NORLHA asked that a member of Greycells, on a pro-bono basis, coordinate the planning, launching and implementation of the regional Centre for Women and Gender in the Himalayas, which is the cornerstone of NORLHA’s gender-focused projects. Women and children are the poorest and most vulnerable population of this region. The recent earthquake demonstrated, in a dramatic fashion, their needs in terms of humanitarian aid as well as economic and social development. For this purpose, the assistance that Greycells' members may provide to NORLHA will encompass strategic planning, formulation and execution of new projects, fund raising, networking with development partners involved in gender issues, knowledge management and dissemination in view of raising awareness on the needs of women and children of the Himalayas. It is worth noting that Greycells' members collaborating with Norlha is in their personal capacity. 

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