What is «Greycells»/ Association of former international civil servants for development?

A group of retired international civil servants from organizations in Geneva has taken steps toward forming an association, named «Greycells» - «Association of former international civil servants for development» -, through which they can make their experience and expertise available, on a volunteer basis.

When was «Greycells» formally established?

«Greycells» was formally established by a Constituent Assembly held in Geneva on 17 January 2008.

What are «Greycells» activities? «Greycells» deals with the areas of work of international organisations and is in a position to mobilize expertise in these fields. The association carries out activities in the following domains:

Advices ;

Coaching, training ;

Briefing and support to delegations to international meetings or negociations ;

Conférences, exposés ;

Gathering and dissemination of relevant documentation and information enabling country representatives to contribute to debates ;

Analyses, diagnostics in the field of development and assessment of technical cooperation needs;

Assistance to policy and strategy formulation on economic and social policy development as well as to the preparation of programmes and project proposals for their implementation in such areas as :

  • Labour; 

  • Agriculture ;

  • Education ; 

  • Public Health ;

  • Trade ;

  • Finances (including micro-credits);

  • Governance 

  • As well as other specific aspects of development

With whom does «Greycells» co-operate with? «Greycells» maintains contacts and co-operates with:

Intergovernmental organisations ; 

Diplomatic missions representing their country to international organisations ;

Governmental institutions of developing countries and countries in transition; 

Bilateral and multilateral development institutions;

Non-governmental organisations;

Private enterprises ;