Dr. Yves Beigbeder is a distinguished and cherished member of our association, Greycells. He is a giant, with an amazing life and a career path as international civil servant.

In 1944 he was 20 years-old when he joined the French Resistance (Forces françaises de l’intérieur, the “maquis”). Two years later, as a recently graduate in law, Yves Beigbeder was the assistant of the French Judge Henri Donnedieu de Vabres at the International Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1946. Further to post-graduate studies in the United States, he joined the United Nations at the FAO in Rome, then at the WHO in Brazzaville, Copenhague, Alexandrie and New Delhi. Before his retirement, his last post was at the WHO in Geneva, where he was Deputy Director for Human Resources.

He holds a PhD in public law and he lectured on international organisations, international civil service, and international criminal courts at the universities of Paris, Geneva, Saint-Louis, Boston and Vancoucer. He wrote many books and articles in English and French on these topics. He lives now in France and continues to write and to analyse international events.

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