At the beginning of 2020 when the confinement measures stopped all in-person activities. Greycells then launched a series of “GreyTalks”, via Zoom, related to developmental issues. Initially, such GreyTalks took place 2 to 3 times every month and in general in English or French.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, so did the audience and GreyTalks were followed, not only in Europe but also in Africa, Asia, and America.

Greytalks began with presentations by our talented members and their close circle of experts. Over time, and even as health measures have been eased, the demand for GreyTalks has expanded and the circle of participants has been extended considerably. The current frequency is one GreyTalk per month and recently, with the advancement of technology, the possibility of live subtitles has been included using artificial intelligence.

In this section you can view or review all Greytalks developed to date. To attend future Greytalks virtually, just click on the button hereby or go to our exclusive address on the announced date and time:

  Augusto Lopez-Claros, is Executive Director and Chair of the Global Governance Forum. He is an international economist with over 30 years of experience in international organizations, including most recently at the World Bank. For the 2018/2019 academic years Augusto Lopez-Claros was on leave from the World Bank as a Senior Fellow at the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Between 2011 and 2017 he was the Director of the World Bank’s Global Indicators Group, the department responsible for the Bank’s Doing Business report and other international benchmarking studies. Previously he was Chief Economist and Director of the Global Competitiveness Program at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, where he was also the Editor of the Global Competitiveness Report, the Forum’s flagship publication, as well as a number of regional economic reports. Before joining the Forum he worked for several years in the financial sector in London, with a special focus on emerging markets. He was the International Monetary Fund’s Resident Representative in the Russian Federation during the 1990s.

Georgios Kostakos is Co-founder and Executive Director of the Brussels-based Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS), which focuses on the need for a new globalization narrative, rethinking education for the digital era, the establishment of a Global Resilience Council, and supporting SDG implementation. About half of his thirty-year-long work experience has been with the UN, including with the Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General, the High-level Panel on Global Sustainability, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Maja Groff, Esq., is an international lawyer based in The Hague, and is Convenor of the Climate Governance Commission, which seeks to propose high impact global governance innovations adequate to meet the climate challenge. She serves as Co-Chair of the Coordinating Committee for the International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC), as well as on The Canadian Task Force Against Global Corruption. As a Principal Legal Officer, she has previously worked on the development and administration of multiple multilateral treaties. She was a co-winner of a major international prize in 2018 on global governance innovation (New Shape Prize), and is a co-author of the 2020 book, Global Governance and the Emergence of Global Institutions for the 21st Century. She also serves on the Advisory Boards of Bcorp Europe and ebbf, organisations devoted to ethical business, and is a NOW Partner.



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